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April 2nd 2002 - WARNING: ebay accounts are being hijacked! Read the story here and update your password if you still use ebay.

Febuary 11th 2002 - As reported here for years, now the feds are looking into shill bidders and bidding rings on ebay. The FBI did an investigation, using the same data Ebay has, brought charges and convictions, while ebay's own "investigation" found nothing wrong! Why didn't eBay's own internal "investigation" stop this? Because ebay profits from shill bidders and bidding rings! Read more here. Ebay is incapable of policing itself, and if you buy on ebay, you could be paying way too much on some auctions due to shill bidding. This is finally one case making national headlines. But we know of others from our users here, and they have been reported to ebay, but just like in this case, ebay has done nothing!

January 28th 2002 -'s traffic is up 44% for the month of January over the last 6 months average and almost double our January 2001 traffic. Gee, do you think maybe people are waking up? ;-

January 18th 2002 - Ebay's profits up again big for 4th Qtr 2001, (and all of 2001 for that matter) and what do they do 1st QTR 2002? They RAISE FEES AGAIN! Right on cue! This IS "Battered Wife Syndrome!" They hit you again and again, and you still keep going back? What does it take for you to get out? Oh, and what are they doing with all that money? They are buying up all the competitors again! (321gone being one of them! A former advertiser here!) Tell us what you think about this in the EbayExodus Forums!

January 19th 2001 - Ebay's profits SOARED 600% in the 4th Qtr 2000, and what do they do 1st QTR 2001? They RAISE FEES! What are they doing with all that money? They are buying up all the competitors!

April 10th, 2000. Here's a link to a guy trying to track down some crooks that used ebay. Ebay will probably kill this page pretty quickly, so here's a copy. Contact the guy listed, not us! :)

Previous News: Your 4th Amendment Rights are toilet paper at eBay! Quote from Lexington Herald

``If an investigator calls, we tell them don't bother with a subpoena. We give them names, addresses, telephone numbers, credit-card numbers, whatever we can,'' said Robert Chesnut, a former federal prosecutor who now works for eBay.

I'm all for cracking down on the rippoffs and scams, but not at the expense of 99% of the people's privacy. Is there a single person that is not outraged at this? How many con artist do you think will call tomorrow claiming to be "an investigator" to get the credit card numbers and addresses of ebay users?

Previous News: eBay is at it again. Yet another unscheduled "maintance...." System is unavailable for the next 4 hours according to their announcment board. I know the computer industry (especially the software end of it) has gone through changes since when I was a programmer... but really, I can't imagine being paid to have the system down 10-20% of the time.

Previous News: eBay's "free listing day." Which started out w/another outage in the morning! Remember, this "FLD" was to compensate people for the outage back in June... 22 hours one day, several hours a couple of days later. I don't know how many people listed their items for free... but I know many did not. Why? I think it's because we are having an impact. Finally people are starting to realize, ebay's not the only game in town. People who visit this website already know about free listings, as most of those listed here have free listings already. Also, from a buyers point of view, smaller auction houses offer the possibility of getting things for less money because there is less competition for the item.

Previous News: Well the big news was eBay's outage last night for about one and three-quarter hours. Made lots of new friends. :-) Interesting, I didn't see any coverage of it... I guess refunding $36,000 (give or take a quarter) in user fees doesn't make news like it used to.

People are still buzzing about the reserved auction fees... (eBay makes approx. $500,000 PER DAY (gross), yet they find the need to charge $1 for every reserved auction placed on their site? Wow.)

We've started a free email alias program for those in need of statement making email addresses. :-)

If you'd like to talk about the reserved spots, please email

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